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Vintage Components - Campagnolo cranksets

Cranksets on this page: Athena 172.5 | Athena 170 | Athena 170 right arm w/rings | Athena 175 left arm | Victory 170 | Record-like 170 left arm

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Campagnolo Athena Crankset, 172.5mm arms, 42-52 rings. Used

Part# CK-80

This crankset was produced between 1988 and 1992. Campagnolo positioned Athena components just below Chorus. In 2000 Campagnolo replaced Athena with Daytona components.

The crankset pictured below is sold, but we have another one with a 39-tooth inner with significantly more wear. We're getting it ready for photography. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

Campagnolo athena crankset

Campagnolo gave the arms a silver-painted finish.

Campagnolo Athena crankset

Athena crankset from the back.

Athena left crank arm

Full disclosure: the left arm has a scratch.

Campagnolo Athena Crankset, 170mm arms, 42-52 rings. Used, $80.00

Campagnolo Athena crankset

A bit scuffed, but well-priced and lots of miles left in it.

Athena crankset

Close-up of the right crank

Athena crankset

Here's the back of the right crank.

Athena left crank arm

You'll want the left arm.

Athena crankset

The back of the left arm

Campagnolo Athena 170mm right crankarm with 39-53 rings. Used, $110.00

This version of the Athena crankset was produced 1995 - 1999

Athena right crankarm with rings

Very lightly used

Campagnolo Athena 175mm left crankarm. Used, $45.00

Athena Left crankarm

Campagnolo Victory Crankset, 170mm arms, 42-53 rings. used, $70.00

We have two used Victory cranksets with 42-53 rings: #1 | #2

Victory components were officially produced from 1985 (though some were made in 1984) until 1988. The Victory crankset has self-extracting Allen crank-arm bolts. The Victory crankset was made only with 170mm arms.

Telling the difference between Victory and Triomphe cranks is simple. As the spider arms taper towards the chain rings, the Triomphe arms flare out. The Victory spider arms have a straight taper all the way to the rings.

Campagnolo used Victory crankset #1, 170mm arms, 42-53 rings. Lightly used, $150.00

  • This is a 1987 version of the Campagnolo Victory crankset.
  • This crankset uses a 109mm spindle

Victory crankset

It seem like just yesterday when these cranksets were the rage, but it has been more than thirty years.

Campagnolo Victory crankset

Lovely condition after all these years.

Vicotry crankset

Close-up of the allen-key release

Victory crakset

Back of the drive side.

Victory left crank arm

The left arm

Victory left crank arm

Back of the left arm

Campagnolo used Victory crankset #2, 170mm arms, 42-53 rings. used, $70.00

Campagnolo Victory crankset

The Victory crankset offered high performance and a wide range of chainrings. As the photo shows, the Allen extractor bolts have been rounded.

Campagnolo Victory crakset

From the back. The self-extracting crank bolts can be seen.

Victory crankset

Close-up of the teeth. There are a lot of good miles left in this cranks.

Campagnolo Victory crankset

The chainrings from the front.

Record-like 170mm left crank arm. Used, $35.00

We do not know who made this crank arm. It is Italian and we guess that it was made for a small company that had their logo screened on the arm and the logo has since been worn away. It's still a fine and perfectly serviceable left arm and will look good on any bike equipped with cranksets of this design.

Campagnolo like crank arm

No logo, but nicely finished.

Crank arm

Here is the same crank arm turned around

170mm crank arm

The back side.